who we are

We are one of the leading support companies for the Iranian Healthcare market.

Our teams are consist of intellectual and experienced professionals in medical and pharmaceutical industry under direct supervision of the founders of company, Ms. M Kasirlou and Mr. A Kazemi.

what we do

TPIN corp. currently serve some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical suppliers as well as local ensuring the dynamic growth and development of their market share in Iran’s highly competitive market. 

TPIN corp. can be your partner for the development of your products within the Iranian market. 

TPIN corp. provides a fully integrated commercial process, based on its deep bench of expert teams located in Tehran, its well established connections within the local decision making centers, as well as on its impressive network of Iranian based industry professionals.

TPIN corp. 

has established its privileged position within the Iranian pharmaceutical industry due largely to its team’s total dedication, integrity, support, and in-depth knowledge of its products and its markets.

  • The benefits of TPIN support

    Increase New Business Development Effectiveness
  • Save Time and Resources  

  • TPIN partners will

    Evaluate the products about to launch

    Validate business opportunity 

    Analyze the market potential to build up the business case 

    Implement the strategy 



TPIN plan to be 

the main innovative force and the leading player in the development of the Iranian pharmaceutical market by two yea


Steps For The Future